Discipleship is about formation, and formation of the mind is a key part of discipleship.  Drawing on great catechisms of the church is an important part of our teaching.

The children’s ministry is currently going through The New City Catechism.

If the word catechism sounds unfamiliar to you, don’t be too surprised.  It’s not used as commonly today as it was in the past.  However, it’s not a complicated word.  If you trace back its origin it comes from a Greek word (katecheo) which simply means to teach, especially when the instructor is speaking face-to-face with the students.”

It’s also a word that is found in the Bible, although you would not notice this in English translations since they do not use the noun, catechism, or the verb, to catechize. However, the original Greek word is found, for example, in Luke 1:4, where the gospel writer explains that he has written ‘an orderly account for you, most excellent Theophilus, so that you may know the certainty of the things you have been taught.’….Other Bible verses which use the verb, to catechize, include Acts 18:24-25 and Gal 6:6. Each time the word is translated as to teach or to instruct.”

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